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  • Travelling alone in Australia
  • Keeping safe while travelling
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  • Where to see our native animals
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If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know of my penchant for travelling abroad. For me there’s nothing better than jumping on an airplane and spending time immersed in different cultures and historical destinations. I’ve also lived and traveled around Australia most of my life. Australia is the lucky country. It’s a great place to live and the perfect destination for the solo traveller. For many it’s an overseas destination and because we speak English, a great first solo destination for Anglophones.

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Twelve Apostles – Great Ocean Road Victoria

Australia unexpected

My travels around the world have shown me some very different landscapes. When I travel at home I realise how truly different and unexpected Australia must be for people from different places. From the ancient lands and Aboriginal culture of our outback, the cosmopolitan cities, our unique flora and fauna, world heritage ecosystems, to our world envied beaches, there’s an adventure to be had for everyone.

Sydney Opera House
Melbourne Laneways

Travelling alone in Australia

Although the Australian continent is about the same size as the United States, there is a vast difference in how our country is populated with the majority of people living in cities or along the east coast. While we have great public transport in our cities getting between them means a flight or a long drive through less populated areas of the country. If you’re travelling alone and plan to hire a car to travel, this will mean sometimes long lonely drives. For the solo traveller who wants to see the sights outside our cities there are plenty of tours that will get you to where you need to go.

Keeping safe while travelling

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and you are less likely to become the victim of a travel scam than in other places in the world, during your stay. But just like anywhere it’s important to make sure you keep yourself out of harms way. Avoid all the usual things that would put you in danger just like any other destination.

Adelaide Art Gallery
Southbank Brisbane

City Adventures

If you’re planning your first visit to Australia, our cities are just the trick for the solo traveller. In each city you’re bound to feel a different vibe, but you’ll also experience great food and friendly people. Australia’s multicultural population mix means that you’re bound to find the tastes of the world in our cities. To experience more things, Melbourne and Sydney are great destinations and you’ll find lots of day trips that venture out of the city from these two destinations. If you’d prefer a more relaxed stay, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth are right up your alley.

Where to see our native animals

Contrary to popular belief it’s rare to see a koala or kangaroo in the wild unless you spend significant time out in the country and even then you’re unlikely to be able to get up close and personal. Places like Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane or Melbourne Zoo are your best bet to check out our native critters.

Rainbow Lorikeets

Whether you’re up for slow travel or only have a few weeks to spare, you’ll not regret the long haul flight to our wonderful country down under. Australia is truly a great destination for travelling alone.

Happy Travels!


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