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For a variety of reasons many of us are venturing out in to the world as a solo traveller. Women in particular are finding new adventures on their own. Some of us love to go it totally alone and others like to travel solo on a guided tour. This sometimes depends on our destination and whether or not we feel safe. Sometimes we want to have things all mapped out for us. We might want to hang out with other travellers on our journey. A solo traveller may not want to hang out with couples. They might however, feel more comfortable going to places like Morocco, India or Africa in a group. Tour companies are recognising how we like to travel and today there are more and more tours for solo travellers.

Tours for solo travellers

The single supplement

The problem with tours in the past was that if you wanted to go alone on a tour, you’d be faced with a single supplement. This meant that you’d either need to find a friend willing to share a twin share to go along with you, or pay a single Supplement. This has put many off travelling on guided tours. Although tours can seem expensive, they are often value for money in terms of inclusions. The perceived value for money seems to be wiped out by the single supplement.

There are some cool things to do on tours

Tour companies that provide tours for solo travellers

Tour companies that cater for solo travellers

There’s a bunch of tour companies that cater for solo travellers now. Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Two’s A Crowd
  2. Intrepid Travel
  3. Travel with Me
  4. On the Go Tours
  5. G Adventures
  6. Explore
  7. Exodus Travels

Some of these companies still charge a single supplement if you want your own room. Make sure you check this out before booking.

See new places

If you’re not quite ready to go it totally alone, or you’re interested in travelling to places where it’s safer to travel with professionals, why not check out your options for tours for solo travellers.

Happy Travels!


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