As a long time solo traveller, I often write or read about overcoming your fears to go it alone. The fear of travelling solo for the first time is very real. Knowing it’s all on you can be overwhelming at times, but once you’ve taken the leap you’ll never look back. What’s that saying once you’ve had ….?

Travelling Friends

Now I’m fearless or am I?

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had many solo adventures. Some to places that others might not venture on their own. The curse of the solo traveller, is the fear of travelling with others. The fear is real believe you me. It overwhelms you when you’re out with friends and the first mention of “we should plan a trip”, or have you seen this great tour”. My heart starts pumping, I’m ready to faint, please don’t make me do it. It’s not that I don’t love my friends, it’s just that now I am fearful of travelling with them.

Women travelling

Occasionally on my travels I’ll take a one day tour at the last minute. Although this is usually because I really want to see the destination, it fills me with fear. The thought of not being able to escape, to be somewhat a prisoner locked into a routine, has my heart pumping. Yes the fear is real. Maybe you’re fearsome of not travelling solo too?

Top fears of travelling with others.

I won’t be able to get lost.

This is my very favourite thing to do when I am travelling alone. I get to see places I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I get to talk to locals and see how they live their everyday lives and I get to find my own way out of pickles.

I’ll have to eat when and what others want to

It took me quite some time to get used to eating on my own. Now I’ll enjoy a meal while people watching. Or just get takeout and sit in a park.

Going it alone

I won’t be able to get out and about early

One of my favourite times of the day is early morning. I love watching places wake up and seeing people get ready for the day. Heaven forbid I have to sleep in.

My friends will back out of the trip

Travelling alone means I don’t have to worry about people backing out. I can plan where and when I go, and I know I won’t back out.

Other people will make my decisions for me

When you travel alone, your decisions are yours. It’s up to you to stay safe, to decide what your day looks like and if you’d like to stay in bed all day.

I’ll have others choose my accommodation

If I don’t want to spend much money or a lot of money, the choice is mine. I’ve stayed 5 star, in cheap and cheerful and solo in a little tent. It’s up to me.

I won’t be alone

One of the biggest fears most people have of solo travel is being lonely. Life experience has shown me that you can be lonely in the company of others. Travelling alone as a solo female traveller, if I’m feeling I need the company of others, I’ll go where there’s lots of people or have a chat with a stranger. It’s amazing how people want to strike up a conversation with a solo traveller.

No I’m not brave I’m fearful. Fearful of travelling with others. Will you become fearful too?

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