A trip to New Zealand’s North Island wouldn’t be complete without a Waitomo Glow Worm Caves tour.

Ruakuri Caves are a great day trip from Auckland. Discovered by local Maori people over 400 years ago, Ruakuri Cave is a great place to discover the magical underground world of the glow worm caves in New Zealand. Being surrounded by Glow Worms, Stalagmites and Stalactites in the Ruakuri Cave had long been on my list of things to do while in New Zealand.

Limestone Formation Ruakuri Glow Worm Caves

Ruakuri Cave is the only cave in the Southern Hemisphere that is wheelchair accessible and the two-hour walking tour is an easy walk and perfect for older travelers.

Of all the Waitomo Caves Ruakuri Cave is also the only cave in the system where you can take your camera and you’ll definitely want to photograph the amazing natural structures you’ll find in the cave.

Glow Worms Waitomo Caves

As you enter Ruakuri Cave, (Rua means den and Kuri means dog in Maori) and wind your way down the spiral entrance you soon realize you’re in for a very different and unique experience.

A variety of limestone structures formed over thousands of years, fossilized marine life, a little river, a hidden waterfall and tales of the cave’s history await you. The only way to visit the cave and experience the glow worms is on a guided tour, and although, I’m always adverse to tours of any kind, if I’d been able to venture in without a guide, I’m certain I would have got lost in no time and missed out on learning about the history and science that are part of Ruakuri cave’s attraction. The best $74NZ I’ve ever spent.

Glow Worms Ruakuri Caves New Zealand


Fossil Ruakuri Cave

Ruakuri Cave is a must see when you visit the North Island of New Zealand.

Situated in “Northern King Country” there is plenty of great things to see and do in the area. Some of the most amazing environments await you in the region.  Try the areas walks and view other natural wonders including Mangpohue Natural Bridge, Omura Falls, Waitanguru Falls or the Totara walk. Top off a great day with a lovely $3 homemade pie and a coffee from the Waitomo Homestead.

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